Nike and the Paul Rodriguez Foundation

Last week OC RAMPS had the pleasure of building over a dozen quarter pipe skate ramps for the Paul Rodriguez foundation- sponsored by Nike.  We were recently contacted by Nike about a great after school program for skateboarders.  These local schools have the great opportunity to work with skateboard instructors and coaches to help them further develop the students' talents on the skateboard.  The instructors need skate equipment- and that is where the Paul Rodriguez foundation steps in.  This organization helps fund the necessary materials, money and equipment for the skateboarders to enjoy.  Some of the 'needed' items are skateboard ramps, of course!   Since this is a program for young kids, Nike wanted several forms of mini ramps.  They also wanted the skateboard ramps to be portable.  A portable ramp is extremely important to a school that will be moving the skate ramps in and out of their storage facilities.  They didn't want the cheesy/cheap plastic mobile ramps you can find at Wal-Mart, etc...they wanted a legit professional made wooden skateboard ramp.  That is what OC RAMPS is known for-- designing and building the world's best skateboard ramps.  Click here to see our custom designed mini ramp half pipes.