Panasonic Photo/Video Shoot

A production company that works with Panasonic reached out to us a few weeks ago about our ramp rental program. They were looking to rent a few skate ramps for a photo and video they were shooting for a new camera by Panasonic.

In a nutshell, this camera is supposed to be a small, portable hi-res camera. Not entirely similar, but same concept as the Go Pro.

Apart from needing the quarter pipes, they wanted one of our pros from our skate team. Josh Hawkins (Powell-Peralta) was up to the task. We sent our team manager up with Josh to the set in Burbank. It was a long 10 hour day up there. Josh needed to constantly fill his Coffee mug. It was a great experience to work with Panasonic. We hope to work again together!

You can see the 1 min commercial below...!