Slide into our Dims...

Over the years, we had a feeling there would be a time that we needed to sit you down and have "the talk"...
We know it may be a little confusing to understand WHY we chose the dimensions for each of our ramps. But trust us, they aren't just ball park numbers we randomly pulled out from our nether regions. There's a science to it.
So let's take a history lesson about the half pipe and where it originated from.
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Back in the 80s, some of the first vert ramps started to surface in the industry, and were built to replicate the vertical aspect of a pool. But realistically, the ramps vert wasn't ideal for going back and forth to show off an assortment of tricks, other than catching some serious air like the Bones Brigade.
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These vintage ramps were fabricated with little to no flat section. However, without that flat section, your time is limited to set up to do your next trick and can cause you to catch too much speed between tricks.
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And then the idea of adding a flat section came into play. With a longer flat section, the more prep time you'll have to set up your next trick. To break it down, here's an example: our standard 8 feet wide half-pipe is 3.5 feet tall and 22 feet long. The flat section for this ramp, to get the perfect transition, would need to be roughly 7 feet long. Our 5 feet tall ramp would have an 8 foot long flat section. And then a 7 foot tall ramp would have a 9-10 foot flat section, well, you get the idea.
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So to simplify it, the taller the ramp, the more flat section you will need.
We get questions all the time about limited space issues and ask if we can cut down the flat section. But in all honesty, that's the portion you'll want to make sure you keep in order to provide you with a smooth transition.
If you have under 20 feet in length to work with, go with our Garage Mini. 
If you have 23+ feet in length, your best option is to go with our 8ft. Wide Half-pipe.
But always remember:
Garage Mini, Oc Ramps, family, Friends, Skateboarding Get a Garage Mini and be just as happy as these fellow customers!
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