Soaring Heights in a Custom Multi-Level Halfpipe with Bank Ramp

When the inbox pings with a custom halfpipe plea, it's like music to our ears—especially when the request involves taking backyard skating to epic heights, literally! 

Hailing from the rad town of Chula Vista, our client wanted a colossal halfpipe with multi-height variations, turning their spacious backyard into a skater's paradise.

Our design maestros whipped up a sketch that perfectly matched the client's vision—a jaw-dropping 5ft tall Halfpipe with twin 7ft tall extensions, a central bank ramp jazzed up in lively green Gatorskins, and the rest of the ramp sporting a chill natural brown Gatorskins finish, complete with safety handrails.

Custom halfpipe sketch by OC Ramps

OC Ramps 5ft tall Halfpipe with bank ramp with Gatorskins

Once the client gave the nod, our crew geared up for fabrication. Fast forward to installation day, and our team convoy hit the road, trucks and trailers loaded with all the heavy-duty components. Upon hitting San Diego soil, the crew unleashed a flurry of action—unloading, organizing, and swiftly crafting the framework. 

OC Ramps installation halfpipe frame structure

mini ramp frame structure installed by OC Ramps

In the blink of an eye, the installation was a wrap, pictured is Tyler Jr. adding the final touch - OC Ramps plaque.

OC Ramps Installation team Tyler Jr.

Leaving our stoked customer grinning ear to ear with their backyard skate haven.

OC Ramps Multi Height Halfpipe with Bank ramp and Gatorskins

Of course, it's not an OC Ramps creation until our pro skater installers give it a test spin. This time, the honor went to TomTom, who shredded the ramp, spreading stoke all around. 

OC Ramp 7ft tall halfpipe with bank ramp in Chula Vista

OC Ramps installs custom 7ft tall Halfpipe with gatorskins

If you're nursing a custom mini ramp dream (and your budget's up for it), shoot us an email, and let's turn your vision into a reality that rolls!