Surf's Up: Futures Fins x OC Ramps Custom Halfpipe

Huntington Beach, CA

Sure, we live the life of shredding the streets or even our ramps, but we also appreciate tearing it up on some waves. So when our friends over at Futures Fins hit us up to make one of their dreams a reality, we jumped to it.

Futures Fins, OC Ramps, Custom Halfpipe, Skateboarding, Surfing, Huntington Beach, Custom, Halfpipe,They had this awesome idea of creating a wider ramp, 24' wide by 3' tall halfpipe to be exact, to mimic a wave but wanted us to make it the perfect height so they wouldn't have to worry about getting wrecked on it. I mean they're used to falling in water rather than concrete/wood, so we totally understood. We took this idea and wasted no time to put into action.Huntington beach, OC Ramps, Futures Fins, Halfpipe, Custom, SkateboardingThe blueprints were designed, the CNC machine was ready to cut out the perfect "wave" and the warehouse crew were stoked for the grind. We plugged away in the warehouse, pre-drilling and cutting each custom piece. Then created an algorithm to cut out their logo on one side of the transition pieces to give this ramp a little more personality. Futures Fins, Halfpipe, Oc ramps, Skateboarding, Surfing, CusotmAfter everything was sanded and packed up, we headed out to our hometown in HB to put the puppy together! Needless to say, when we got there, everyone was excited for the ramp to be built. We laid out the pieces and started building the 24' wide x 3' tall halfpipe with an added 4' extension.Halfpipe, Custom, OC Ramps, Skateboarding, Surfing, Futures FinsWe closed up the back of the halfpipe and created a deeper deck for added space. Once the ramp was completed, we loaded the ramp up with our signature colors of Skatepaint to help protect the halfpipe from any weathering but also to keep it looking funky fresh.Futures Fins, Surfing, Skateboarding, Custom, Ramp, Halfpipe, Skatepaint,Overall, we're pretty hyped on how the ramp turned out and also pretty happy that we have, yet another, satisfied customer. So if you ever feel like you need some more excitement in your life and a halfpipe or custom ramp will fill this void, just remember:

You dream it, We build it.