4th July in Huntington Beach

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. Who doesn't enjoy the beach, sunny weather, BBQs and lighting things on fire?! This year, we decided to enter a float for the fourth of July parade in Huntington Beach, California. This parade is the largest on the west side of the Mississippi; over 250,000 people each year gather to support the community and family/friends. Our float included a custom built mini ramp halfpipe! The ramp was roughly 3 feet tall with a 4 foot tall extension. Obviously, the ramp was painted after the American flag. The skating surface was red, the transitional sides were painted blue. White stars were placed all over the mini ramp.
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The skaters are what topped off the event; Vert ramp skater, Steve Hennings, can tear up any skate ramp. Street skater, AJ "Ajax" Johnson, can ride just about anything. Grom skater, Griffin, is only 14 and skates like a pro. Lastly, youngin' Curren, is only 6 years old--the crowd loved him. Click here to see more photos...
Skateboard Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach 4th July
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