CES in Vegas with OC RAMPS

CES is the "Consumer Electronics Show" held in Vegas each winter. Its the biggest electronics convention in the world. You will typically see quite a bit of media coverage on this event with big companies like, Sony, LG, Samsung and many others showcasing their latest technologies, gadgets and products. The CES convention holds nearly 2 million net square feet of exhibit space and over 150,000 attendees from nearly 150 countries!!! A company called, Tiffen, called us to rent our skateboard ramp (halfpipe) and a couple of our pro skaters. OC Ramps is the leader in quality service and pricing for skate ramp rentals. Tiffen specializes in selling camera accessories such as the 'Steadicam' - a stabilizer for low and high end cameras. From GoPro to the Red cameras, they carry accessories for all. Tiffen wanted to demonstrate their latest product for the GoPro called, the Steadicam Curve. Its a unique stabilizer for the GoPro Hero 3. You can skate and walk with the GoPro without it looking shaky or wobbly. The Steadicam Curve is an amazing product for anyone looking to film a more 'professional look' with their GoPro. We set up our 2' tall halfpipe (aka the Garage Mini Ramp). This ramp is ideal for demos in areas with limited space. It sits 2' tall x 8' wide x 16' long. The two skaters we provided were Steven Reeves and Christian Sereika. They were to skate ALL day from Tuesday-Friday afternoon. Steven and Christian did an incredible job- they skated in front of tens of thousands of people at 8 hours a day for 4 days straight. Take a look below at what went down at the CES in January 2014. Please contact us at OC Ramps for any ramp rentals at your event. b2ap3_thumbnail_CES-4 b2ap3_thumbnail_steadicam b2ap3_thumbnail_tiffen b2ap3_thumbnail_CES-3 b2ap3_thumbnail_CES-2