Dew Tour- San Francisco 2013

DewTour_OCRamps Dew Tour San Francisco was amazing! Mountain Dew hired OC RAMPS again to install a 16' wide Mini Ramp for their booth. Like in Ocean City, the halfpipe was open to the public- anyone could skate it. The event was for 3 days- and each day there were a ton of people skating the ramp. Check out this amazing video clip of the Dew Tour Mini Ramp; We even got some pros on there like David Gonzalez. He said this was a great ramp for his warm-up before his street course skating contest. gonzales-dew-tour Our small crew arrived to the scene on Thursday Oct 10. We installed the ramp in just a few hours. From Friday to Sunday the ramp saw several hundred skaters. Apart from the amazing mini ramp branded for Mountain Dew, there was also a street course for the skaters and a downhill competition held the last day of the event. Check out some images below of our 4 day adventure. DewTour_Mini_Ramp Below: Josh Hawkins and Steven Reeves working hard/hardly workin on the mini ramp. DewTour_MiniBuild MD_SD_OCRamps8 MD_SD_OCRamps4 MD_SD_OCRamps3 MD_SD_OCRamps5 MD_SD_OCRamps2 MD_SD_OCRamps6 MD_SD_OCRamps9 Dave Bachinsky is getting ready for his street run. Did an incredible job! DewTour_Bachinsky Greg Lutzka, one footed?! lutzka-dew-tour The crowd is getting ready for the downhill street competition. DewTour_downhill The street is waaaay steeper than what appears in the photos. DewTour_downhill2 Greg Lutzka dropping off the container and launching over the Toyota car. DewTour_Lutzka We definitely look forward to next years events with the Dew Tour 2014!