Hands All In with Essie Nail Polish x OC Ramps Skate Park Rental

Santa Monica, CA

A marketer working for Essie nail polish reached out to us in January 2022 looking to plan an event for March in Santa Monica utilizing a skateboard ramp on the beach. This was an interesting project because we’ve built several ramps near the beach but rarely on the sand.  The only other time that we did a skateboard ramp on the sand was for the Teens Choice Awards of 2019 (click HERE for the full blog) — where they built a stage and we then set the ramp on top of it.  The client had renderings of the ambiance and vibe they were trying to create which is a very cool beach-themed-skateboarding event.  

OC Ramps rental Essie

We had several meetings with them to discuss options of what we could help creates for the skateboard ramp in terms of design shapes etc. obviously with a mini ramp/ half pipe you’re limited because there’s typically only one shape you can do however we discussed the skate park that we have at our own facility in Orange County that includes several different mini ramps connected. We showed them photos and videos of an event that we hosted for an album release party for Sublime (click HERE for blog). One photo, in particular, shows one of our pro skateboarders launching over two sections of ramps and a staircase -  this is the look they wanted to recreate.  

OC Ramps custom rental for Essie

Beyond just having cool shapes for the ramps they really wanted to have a unique paint and mural design. This would require us to work with our network of artists, finding the right painter that is capable of creating a mural close to 1000 sq ft of plywood.  Fortunately we’ve worked with some great artists over the years from all over the nation.  We took their design and original renderings to our artist to bid out for a quote. 

Essie Logo for OC Ramps halfpipe rental

The other issue we were up against was the time — we only had about a week and a half to paint this ramp.  There were three artists and two of the cutest pups that we utilized, came to our warehouse and painted the ramp from sunup to sundown and were able to mimic exactly how the original renderings were created.  

Artist painting mural on OC Ramps Halfpipe

This also created an extra step of labor on our behalf in the sense that we had to build the whole set up at our warehouse to allow the painters to do the artwork. When the artists were done we had to carefully disassemble everything wrapping plastic and load it on our pallets and trailers in a manner that they would not be scratched. This extra caution certainly added time to our typical protocol. But it was very important for us to ensure that when we arrive in Santa Monica to assemble that all the pieces are in the original perfect condition - we wanted to minimize any necessity for touch up paint on site.  The day before the event a staging company went to the venue and laid a flat plastic material on the sand in preparation for our skateboard ramps and park. We then arrived and began unloading our trailer and carefully assembling the ramp piece by piece.  We were able to complete the ramp by sunset at which point we hopped in our trucks and hauled our empty trailers out of there.  

Mural on OC Ramps Halfpipe in beach for Essie

Our client with Essie also wanted to hire a couple of our professional skateboarders. They requested one male Skateboarder (TomTom) and one female Skateboarder (Karly).  

Tom Ryen skateboarder model oc ramps

Karly female skateboarder oc ramps

Tom and Karly arrived at the party and skated for two hours straight - they put together an amazing performance.  

OC Ramps professional skateboard talent rental event for essie

The event included some amazing decor to accentuate the theme by having a mega huge skate deck along with a inspirational mini nail bar for a quick manicure.

Essie Nail bar on the beach oc ramps halfpipe rental

A Skateboard rack with their themed skate decks + safety gear!

Essie Nail polish OC Ramps halfpipe rental

All details pulled together made for a great event with a solid purpose. Once the party was done the following day our team arrived in the evening at 6PM and began to disassemble the skate park set up. We had to bring lights to work when this part of Santa Monica got pretty dark after sunset. With the help of some muscles and a forklift we were able to successfully load our trailers in a manner of hours and head back to our warehouse to Orange County.  Our client seemed to be beyond ecstatic with our professionalism and the way the ramp turned out as everything came out exactly as they had mapped out in their renderings and original design work. The guests also seem to be thrilled to see such a unique display of the Halfpipes.  If you are in need of a custom ramp or skate park please feel free to reach out we’d be happy to help! We’re ready to jump up, over and into the next adventure! Let's shred!

OC Ramps halfpipe on the beach with TomTom & Essie