Huntington Beach 1949 Woody Jump

OC Ramps owner, Tyler Large, has an awesome 1949 Woody Chrysler Town And Country that he has been wanting to have a photo shoot with for quite some time. We hit up our long time friend and photographer, Jeff Mustache, and set up a shoot time with him. We went down to Huntington Beach where the car currently resides and started off the day taking pictures on the beach of Huntington Pier. After about a half hour the cops came and we were quickly kicked out of the spot.
From there, we met up with Greg Lutzka, Nick Palmquist, and Tom Tom and we picked a spot near Nick's house to set up the car and a custom launch ramp we had built for the shoot. The launch ramp was three feet tall, four feet wide, and eight feet long. The skaters started boosting over the car with specific instructions that if there was an option to bail the board or break a bone, they should break a bone! We didn't want any damage done to the car. They ended up landing every trick and were super consistent. After an hour in this second location, the cops showed up again!
We still wanted a few more shots, so we went to an empty church parking lot and finished the shoot there. There were no other cars, no traffic, and the colors came out awesome! The trees were in full fall colors, creating an awesome effect 4 3