Netflix and Dreamworks Event for Turbo

Dreamworks released a movie in 2013 called, Turbo. It was an animated film- similar to that of Cars, Toy Story, etc. Netlfix and Dreamworks paired up together and created a TV version of the movie now called Turbo Fast. It is only shown on Netflix. Their announcement and big release/grand part was in December of 2013 in Hollywood. They reached out to OC RAMPS to rent a halfpipe along with 4 professional skaters. The event was a one day gig at an indoor Hollywood studio/lot. The skaters we brought were; Christian Sereika, Tom Ryen, Sergio Santoro and Brandon Reynolds. Take a look at some photos below of the great event. b2ap3_thumbnail_Tom_Turbo b2ap3_thumbnail_Turbo-2 b2ap3_thumbnail_Turbo-1