OC Ramps x Steve Harvey Show

  [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkD77ajsII0[/embedyt]     2 You might remember that back in October we had a couple of mini-shredders here at the warehouse for our annual ramptober event. We have been in contact with Ocean and Sky's parents ever since, and knew that they had a gig for the Steve Harvey Show that they have been preparing for. We were contacted by the people from the show last month and they wanted a couple of ramps for the segment that Ocean and Sky would be on. We prepared two 8 foot wide quarterpipes and quickly got them shipped out to the production team, we also included a skateboard, a helmet, and some pads in the package in case Steve wanted to try out the ramps! Last week, the episode premiered. Check out the video clip and see if Steve decides to try out the quarter pipes! 3 4