Tony Hawk with OC RAMPS

We were hired by a production company in Los Angeles and asked to be part of the TV show, Breaking In.  The shows main actor is Christian Slater- a long friend of Tony Hawk.  Our role was to bring a pro skater and a quarterpipe for a 5 second clip in the show.  

tony hawk

We started the day by loading up the truck with the portable quarterpipe.  The ramp they production company requested was to be just over 3' in height and at least 8' wide. 

skateboard ramps

When we arrived to Sony Studios in Hollywood, we set up the ramp and saw Tony on set in his bath robe-- which was part of the scene.

tony hawk and oc ramps

Our skater, Steve Hennings, started catching air for the cameras.  Fortunately, Steve is a ripper and we didn't need to film a million takes.  He landed his disaster every single time. 

ramps skateboard

We were on set all day.  We generally need to show up around 7-8am even though production knows they're not filming us until 2,3 or 4pm.  Oh well, we get to hang with the Birdman, eat incredible food from the catering truck, and just hang with the crew.

steven hennings