Limited Product Launch - Half Pipe Ornament

OC Ramps Holiday Workshop

OC Ramps Half Pipe Ornament on a Christmas tree

We have been working on creating a fun addition to our product list this holiday season. We wanted to incorporate the holiday season with the concept of skateboarding and skate ramp kits. Our team decided what better time to introduce an ornament. This is not your typical holiday ornament that you pick up from the store, but is skate-themed.

Vertical photo of the OC Ramps Half Pipe Ornament on a tree

Our Half Pipe Ornament is made from the same plywood material which you will see utilized on our skate ramp kit and is a fun, very miniature spin on our half pipe kits. The ornament is 4" long x 0.5" wide x 1.5" tall.

OC Ramps Half Pipe Ornament close up photo

This item is only available for a LIMITED TIME! Once that last ornament sells then it is gone... until next year. Your skater will be stoked to see this in their stocking or to see it hanging from the tree. Trust us, we know. We are loving seeing these ornaments on the tree at the OC Ramps Headquarters.

OC Ramps Half Pipe Ornament on a decorated Christmas tree

Head on over and check out the Half Pipe Ornament. Also, purchasing a skate ramp or skate rail kit? Add this ornament to your cart and use the code "ornament" at checkout to receive this rad addition for free! That's right. What goes better with an ornament than a skate ramp kit?

Half Pipe Ornament hanging on a Christmas Tree

As always, contact us with any questions you may have! Our team is ready to help.