NEW Release- Yellow Brick Quarter Pipe

Brick_quarterpipe_skateramp OC Ramps brand NEW Release- Yellow Brick Quarter Pipe! brick_quarterpipe   Brick_quarterpipe1 The all new and limited time run of the Yellow Brick quarterpipe is now here! This quarterpipe arrives to your door in the kit form. Everything comes boxed up– ready to go! The only thing you need at home is a drill to install. Our instructions manual (with photos and step by step instructions included) makes this ramp extremely simple to build. All of the materials we use are designed for outdoor use and extremely durable for any level skater. This quarterpipe comes with caster wheels on the back– so you can tip the quarterpipe on its back and easily transport it for storage. We are also offering this skate ramp with two layers of skating surface plywood- making this the strongest, most durable quarterpipe available! The dimensions on this ramp are 3 feet by 2 inches tall, 8 feet wide, 6 feet and 5 inches deep and it weighs in at around 350 lbs. It will take the average customer around 2-3 hours to build... and most importantly shipping is currently FREE on this item! You do not wanna miss out on this unique limited release quarterpipe, click here and order yours today!    
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