Restock ALERT! Rails on Rails on Rails!

OC Ramps HQ

It's that time folks, restock alert!! Woohoo! After a few months into COVID-19 our inventory was depleted from thousands of orders! So you've all asked for your favorite skate rails to be replenished & they have arrived!! Our welders have been cranking out those bead locks to perfect the most desired rails on the market.

Which skate rails are back in stock? ALL OF THEM!! That's right, we've stocked our shelves to the ceiling with rails that are boxed, ready to be shipped directly to you and to be shredded within minutes of receiving. Yay for quick shipping turnaround & easy assembly!! See our video below of how easy to assemble & skate the Roll on Flat Rail.

Some unique features that set our rails apart from other brands is numero uno - Made by actual skaters. From configuring the design & portability to overseeing the welds that can hold up to their professional standards; these guys compete in the X-Games & Dew Tour etc., they know what's up! Pictured below is the Glow in Dark 6ft Round Rail.

The next important factor is the high quality commercial grade metal we use. Makes for an excellent sturdy rail for years to come, not only at your residence and maybe your local Skate Park! We've sold hundreds of skate rails to local municipalities including one of our team riders Cody Mc Entire local park in Texas. Having the local Mayor reach out to us to add a signature rail to their park was pretty exciting!

Portability is key, which means light weight & compact. Utilizing commercial grade metal can be tricky as weight factors in for a sturdy rail, although we've optimized the concept of convenient and compact! Having the rail in multiple pieces, easily attachable within minutes  helps create the perfect rail to transport from your home to the local streets and parks. Video below is Ryan Decenzo 24k Gold Rail.

Ryan Decenzo is the star contender as he drives a few different whips, compact Honda then a fast & sporty Porsche. Easily removing the hardware on his signature 24k Gold Rail he can then place the two pieces inside the small cavity of either his Honda or Porsche and drive to the next skate session.  (Funny story/Disclaimer - the Ryan Decenzo 24k Gold Rail is NOT made of actual 24k Gold. One client in particular thought it was made of pure gold and was actually upset that it wasn't!!)

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Leading the industry with a variety of rails we offer that come in eccentric & distinctive colors, shapes and sizes that have never been produced on skate rails!! From neon green, yellow & camo squared rails to glow in the dark round rails.  Having dope colors available sets us apart from anyone else, however the cherry on top is having adjustable heights on skate rails. Easing into poppin your ollie with the lower settings to advancing your tricks to the second and third tier/height setting is prime time!! Picture below is the Camo Skate Rail.

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Be on the lookout for our new T-shirt styles which are coming soon!! Can you spy one new design on our Blog pictures? If so, email us & we'll reward you for being awesome!! Hit us up if you have any questions & we'd be hyped to get you dialed in!