Ride with OC Ramps Skateboard Decks

OC Ramps Headquarters

Yes folks, do a double take, you're reading it correctly!! The long awaited & highly anticipated release of OC Ramps first edition of Skateboard Decks. We’re pretty hyped to release a limited run of skateboard decks with some rad artwork that we’ve brainstormed for years.

Without further ado let’s unleash the beast - “Fulgmore Demon” skateboard deck. The twisted demon of shredding is OC Ramps mascot of terror so make sure you grab yours to join the squad and wreak havoc on your half pipe!

OC Ramps Skateboad Deck Fulgore Demon

We present you with the “Volcano Vision” skateboard deck that has an intense ambiance of evil lurking from under the surfaces, rising from above a glorious mini ramp to shred in utopia. 

OC Ramps Skateboard Deck Volcano Vision

What better way to shred your OC Ramps products then with an OC skate deck.