The Proof is in the pudding

OC Ramps HQ

Quality assurance is our forever goal. As the old saying goes - "The proof is in the pudding" meaning that you can only judge the quality of something after you have experienced it. Therefore the confidence in our products speaks volume. With over 15 years in business and thousands upon thousands of kits sold, we definitely know a thing or two about skateboard ramps etc. We've perfected it actually! Along with perfection comes some minor adjustments and modifications. Who doesn't love a fresh update?

For many years we have sold pre-assembled Grind Boxes. From 4ft long to 6ft and 8ft long. Amazing product as it stands up to the daily and heavy abuse, over and over. However we wanted to simplify the grind box to improve the strength even more as well as make into a kit form. You wouldn't believe how many kids requested the grind boxes in kit form, so your wish is our command! The first of three grind boxes have been released, our 4ft Grind Box kit.

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Another popular request has always been a Bank Ramp. Our new Bank Ramp kit comes in a wide stature of pure double layer plywood for that smooth ride, angled straight radius and a deeper top deck.

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Last year we made a unique ramp for a very special little girl with a wicked passion for skateboarding and unicorns. Yes you read it correctly, Unicorns! We took our 6ft wide Quarter Pipe and customized the radius piece with our CNC machine to engrave a Unicorn logo on the side. The Unicorn Skate ramp kit also has custom colors to enhance the features perfectly.

unicorn skate ramp, unicorns, oc ramps,

Skate Rails have always been a popular seller, specially our classic 8ft adjustable Red Round Rail. We've updated the rail to have a 6ft long option as well as 8ft long, plus both rails have a special paint that GLOWS IN THE DARK. It's currently the only rail on the market with this feature and literally blowing everyone away. Check out the video below to see it in action!

An additional brand spankin' new product is the Camo Rail. Literally the first camo rail on the market!! It's 8ft in length which comes apart in half  at 4ft to make for an easy & portable sesh. Even fits in the trunk of a Prius!

We wanted our flat rail to stand out. Be an individual amongst it's metal friends. What better way then makin' it pop with a bright green color as we introduce the One & Only Green Monster Rail! This beast is 6ft long with adjustable heights which is a great feature when your wanting to shred it low or grind it up high!

Over the next few months we will be releasing our latest products called the "Road Series." The idea sprouted from skaters wanting to skate street, traffic and construction type obstacles. Obviously we've been shreddin' and destroying public property since the conception of skateboarding,  so spend your money wisely...on obstacles not tickets!

Now we're able to offer some fun obstacles without the Po Po and lame tickets!!  Our latest A Frame Construction sign has been a huge hit as we've already had to restock since the launch just over a few months ago! See Dave Bachinsky flying off the Wedge Bump Ramp and doing a Frontside Bigspin Heel over the A Frame sign! Epic!

Be sure to stay tuned on here & Instagram for more new products as they're coming soon!