The Road Series

Orange County, California

Proud to announce the release of our latest products, The Road Series. Which is now available and shipping worldwide from our warehouse to your door! With the original concept of street skating and yes safety, we wanted to help avoid any run in's with the PO PO. As it's been in the works for many years, the time has finally come for everyone to collect and enjoy!

Caution - Skateboarding Sign. As it's bright yellow sign will help notify that skaters are ripping nearby or even optimizing the obstacle to catch some air with kickflips and ollies. The tricks are endless!

Skate Cones. Simple yet a classic and durable obstacle. Designed just for skateboarding as the set comes with two cones and a single ollie bar with multiple adjustable heights. Light weight and portable to set up a fun sesh anywhere whether it's in a crusty alley or downtown Main Street!

The A Frame Construction. The most requested construction sign has finally been released and easily available to obtain on your own, without any hassle from the local police department for jackin' the city equipment!

OC Barrier. Just like the Jersey Barrier however we've added a twist of OC Ramps flavor with our branded logo. Having the ability to have one white or red barrier, or the option connect as MANY barriers as you'd like to make for the perfect wall. Trying to catch that epic boardslide without pushing the obstacle? Fill it with water to add weight and that sucker isn't going anywhere!!

All the newest obstacles of the Road Series line are affordable and durable. We love savings just as much as the next Joe Blow which is why we offer FREE shipping!!  So no matter which obstacles you choose, you can't go wrong as you'll have endless fun with any choice and you won't break the bank!! 

Contact us with any questions!