Jordan Hoffart vs. Aston Martin

Santa Ana, CA

Over the past years, people have skated over simple cars but not a luxury or exotic vehicle. So this started to get the gears turning and Jordan Hoffart, one of our Pro Team Riders & co-founder of Black Plague Brewing Co., just so happens to be sponsored by Wavy Clothing, which also happens to be owned by the same guy as CNC Motors, Inc. This got us talking about how cool it would be if Jordan skated over a Bugatti with one of our custom launch ramps. So we decided to "front-side flip" it up a notch & make this happen.
We requested a Bugatti, but of course, it was out of stock, so we settled with another beautiful car such as an Aston Martin. The day of the shoot, this clean & crisp black beaut rolls up in front of our warehouse on a hot Southern California day. Then rolls up Jordan with a forklift carrying our custom 2' launch ramp, painted & assembled by our hardworking staff.
Once we got the ramp set up, it was time to move the Aston Martin and Jordan was so eager to do it but the driver slapped his hands. However, they did at least let him sit in the front seat to daydream a bit. After he got his chance behind the wheel, Jordan then staged the launch ramp in a couple different spots to get the right angles so he didn't dent the precious vehicle. Then we waited for the sun to set so it wasn't so hot out and the shade was providing us with the right amount of natural light.
With all the dirt filled falls & drone shots, we got some of the best pictures to both display our logo, Wavy, Aston Martn & Jordan's finesse. That day was yet another successful day for us here at OC Ramps. If you want to challenge yourself and order a custom ramp, contact us.

You dream, we build it.