OC Ramps Team


The OC RAMPS Team is now official. We've worked over the past year contemplating a skate team. Since we've been in business for so many years, we have had the wonderful opportunity of working with some great people and professional skaters. As of late August 2012, we now have a full team of 10 riders.

Our international and pro team consists of Greg Lutzka, Ryan Decenzo, Ronnie Creager, Jordan Hoffart, Dave Bachinsky and Manny Santiago. Our regional and pro-am team consists of Josh Hawkins, Tyson Bowerbank, Scott Decenzo and Nick Palmquist.

We are extremely excited to be working with these incredible athletes. Each one of these riders brings something new, different or creative to the OC RAMPS table. The international team will be releasing their signature series over the next few weeks. Yes, all 6 international skaters will have their our signature ramp. The pros want everyone to skate what they skate. Check out our new TEAM website. You can view their BIOs, photos, videos and information.