The Equation - Dave Bachinksy + Cody McEntire

OC Ramps team riders, Dave Bachinsky and Cody McEntire are back at it with another unbelievable mini ramp project, the Equation. Following Dave's successful project, The Formula (2012), The Equation brings in the top mini ramp skateboarding - be it by water, on land or in Texas. Two years of filming, this is the result.
Sit down, buckle up and watch some 'never been done' skateboarding on a mini ramp like you've never seen...
The 8ft wide Mini Ramp featured on the Beach scene. This signature ramp is available for a limited time. Click to view details.
Cody specifically wanted his ramp to be 24ft wide (of coping) with an 8ft radius curvature. Also available for a limited time. Click here for details.