The Ride Channel Comes to OC Ramps with Greg Lutzka

The Ride Channel is a huge youtube channel with millions of followers. They do video clips with a bunch of different pro skaters. One of the series that they are doing now is a pro skaters top 5 favorite tricks. They approached Greg Lutzka, and asked him to do his five favorite mini ramp tricks. He let them know about the halfpipe we have here at OC Ramps, and asked if we could film it here at the warehouse.
Colin Clark (one of the ride channels main filmers) came out to the warehouse to film. Greg met everyone here and we filmed a few clips one evening. He was super efficient in landing his tricks, so filming didn't take too long and he didn't have to do too many attempts. Be on the lookout for more collabs between OC Ramps and The Ride Channel coming soon!!