Saved by the Ramp - Christmas Edition

Los Angeles, California

OC Ramps Customized 16 ft wide Half Pipe

Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith reached out to the OC Ramps crew inquiring about a mini ramp for their skaters just in time for the holiday season! We were stoked to get to work with these two extremely talented individuals. We knew that they would have some great ideas about what they wanted this mini ramp to be and look like.

OC Ramps 16 ft wide Half Pipe Painted Black with Custom Artwork

After discussion with owner and CEO, Tyler Large, they decided that they would want the 16 ft wide half pipe with an extension at one corner. You know we have said it before, we love an extension addition! If you are ever wondering about adding that extension piece to your mini ramp, we highly recommend going for it. You will not regret it and your skater will love it! They also wanted to add in a smaller obstacle on the side - the Jordan Hoffart Speed Bump.

OC Ramps Customized Jordan Hoffart's Speed Bump

Next came the customization fun. It was clear that they wanted this ramp to truly be their own. They wanted the radius pieces and top decks to be black with red copings. The skate surface would remain as is without any color added. We loved what we were hearing and knew it would look great once completed!

Bone structure of OC Ramps 16 ft wide Half Pipe

That is not where the customization ended though. Brady wanted in on the fun. He wanted to be able to add his own artwork to the radius pieces in white. We knew this black and white contrast on the ramp would look rad. Not only that, but having Brady add his own artwork to the ramp truly made this their own family ramp. We loved that idea!

OC Ramps 16 ft wide Ramp Installation

Our team then began preparing the ramp for installation. We sent one team member to locally source the paint for the radius pieces, top decks, and copings. the rest of team began the prefabrication process by pre-cutting and pre-drilling all materials. We then painted all necessary materials. Once dried, all materials were loaded onto our trailer for the installation the following day.

Brady Smith Painting Custom OC Ramp Mini Ramp

The OC Ramps crew headed out to Los Angeles, California the next morning for the installation. Upon arrival, our crew was warmly welcomed by both Tiffani and Brady. We began unloading the trailer and carrying all materials to the installation site in their beautiful backyard.

OC Ramps Crew Installing Ramp

Shortly after we had the bone structure of the

ramp fully assembled, Brady jumped in and began painting the radius pieces while our team continued on the skate surface and remaining portions of the ramp. It was a fun and interactive collaboration.

TomTom Skating an OC Ramps Half Pipe

The ramp turned out even better than we had anticipated! Tiffani and Brady were overjoyed with the outcome and how all of the colors and artwork came together to encompass this amazing Christmas present they would be surprising their little shredders with.

TomTom doing a skate demo for new ramp for Tiffani Theissen and Brady Smith

Before we took off, TomTom did a quick demo with Tiffani and Brady seated on the top deck. TomTom is one of the professional skateboarders on our team and also accompanies us on many of our builds to lend a helping hand and even do a demo for our customers to show them all the fun they have ahead of them on their ramp. We love having him tag along with us!

 Fully Assembled OC Ramps 16 ft Wide Half Pipe

Tiffani and Brady shared the great video of them surprising their skaters for Christmas and these kids were over the moon! They have years of shredding ahead of them on their brand new, at-home mini ramp. We love building these ramps but we love seeing the excitement it brings skaters when they see their very own mini ramp set up right in the comfort of their own home!



Happy Holidays from the OC Ramps Crew! If you have any questions on what ramp kit is best for you or about a ramp installation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always happy to help!